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Where To Spray Perfume?

Where To Spray Perfume

Your perfume is your Identity, it shows the world who you are by giving statements and it makes them feel your presence uniquely. It is a must for your office meetings, dates, and everything to leave a mark on the people there. Perfume should not be over-sprayed and must know where to spray perfume. It is recommended to wear it three times on application. This is a common mistake most people get used to their fragrance after applying it and then they think, that their perfume has faded. They over-spritz it in want of smelling good but they unknowingly make themselves unpleasant.
There are many ways to apply perfume but here we will talk about the best and the most effective ways to wear scent so you stay amazing all day. But, before talking about applying fragrance we should have a look at the concentration of scent.

Strength Is Determined By Its Concentration

‘Perfume’ is just a consumer or general term used to refer to all the fragrances targeting males. Also, it is considered as weakest if we talk about the power and concentration of fragrance. There is always a description on the bottle like EDT (Eau De Perfume) or Eau Frachie. It comes with some other descriptions which show different percentages of concentration and remember “More Concentration means Better Longevity”. The more concentrated the scent is it tends to be more expensive.

Let’s Talk About Different Types Of Perfume For A While,

Eau Frachie-

It is the lightest concentrated with just 1-3 % of oil. Many sprays and after shave lies in this category.

Eau De Cologne-

It consists of about 3-5% concentration of oil. Usually, bottles termed colognes come under this category.

Eau De Toilette-

It consists of about 5-8% concentration and is considered the standard concentration.

Eau De Perfume-

It consists of 8-15% of concentration, which is stated to be a strong concentration among all above.


This is the highest concentration of 15-30% which even goes to 40% in heavy-duty colognes.

All this information is provided for a better understanding of your cologne to yourself. Now, As you know about your fragrance let’s talk about where to wear scent.

The Best Body Part To Spray Perfume

Apply It On Clean Skin-

When an artist wants to draw a masterpiece of art, he needs a clean and clear canvas. Same as if you want the best results of fragrance you should have a clean skin. This is why spraying scent after a shower is the best way for better results.

Spray It On Pulse Points-

There are various pulse points on our body where our nerves are close to the skin which produces heat that keeps the fragrance engaged throughout the day. The Pulse Points are as follows:

1. Inside Your Elbows:

 It is considered a better option to apply perfume as it gets tucked in the bends and conceals the diffusion which makes it the best spot to wear cologne.

inside your elbows

2. Hairs:


It is not recommended to spray fragrance directly on hair as it makes it dry and harms our hair. You can apply fragrance to your comb and use it to brush. Your hair so it will leave the fragrance in your hair and will not dry the hair and affect your scalp.

3. Behind Your Ears: 

Behind the top of your ears is an oily spot due to which fragrance is held well over there and it diffuses for a long. Also, there are nerves too which make it a warm spot.

behind your ears

4. On The Wrists:

on the wrist

Spraying perfume on the wrist is the most popular method for applying it. It not only attracts other people while talking but also feel good and confident when worn on the wrist. 

5. Inside Your Knees:

It works similarly to the previous principle of inside the elbows, and by that, the skin behind the knees produces heat which will make it sustain for a long. 

inside your knees


Finally, After all this, you are ready to apply the perfume and ready to attract anyone with that bottle of cologne in your hand. Follow these application rules and you will be unforgettable for anyone you interact with and even a lot of males will try to be with you.

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