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How To Decant Perfume?

How To Decant Perfume

Decanting perfume is a practice that allows fragrance enthusiasts to transfer their favorite scents to more convenient containers. Whether you’re looking to create a travel-friendly perfume collection, share samples with friends, or simply streamline your vanity. Then mastering the art of decanting perfume can enhance your fragrance experience. In this Blog, we’ll delve into how to decant perfume and the best decanting methods. We also provide you some essential tips to ensure a seamless process. decanting experience.

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What is Decanting a Perfume?

Decanting, in the context of perfumery, involves transferring fragrance from its original bottle to another container. This container is usually smaller and more portable, such as a travel-sized spray bottle or a glass vial. The primary reasons for decanting include preserving the original bottle’s contents, creating customized fragrance combinations, and enabling easy sharing of samples.

Does Decanting Perfume Ruin It?

The answer is No, Decanting does not ruin the perfume or its characteristics. Scents are designed to survive specific environmental variables while maintaining their originality over time and to give originality which is the same as the original bottle. The most essential thing while decanting is to make sure that the perfume has been handled and stored correctly to maintain its original state. Here are some things that we should take care of:

1. Clean & Clear Conditions: 

To minimize contamination, ensure that both the original bottle and the decanting containers are clean and sterilized. As if there presents any impurity or contaminant it will harm the aroma or will make it a diluted version of the original perfume.

Clean And Clear Conditions

2. Air Exposure:

During the decanting procedure, minimize the perfume’s exposure to air. A funnel or decanting equipment made especially for this purpose can be used to do this. The oxygen present in the air will oxidize the perfume which will harm the notes and longevity.

Air Exposure

3. Seal Tightly:

After decanting, make sure to tightly seal the new container to prevent exposure to excessive air. Excessive air will harm the perfume in the same way discussed above.

Seal Tightly

4. Store Properly:

Decanted perfumes should be kept in a cool, dark location away from strong sunshine or high temperatures. The temperature change which comes from exposure to sunlight will break the bonds in the perfume’s formula which will harm the perfume.

Store Properly

Is Decanting Perfume Legal?

The legality of decanting perfume is determined by the nation and its particular intellectual property laws. Most of the time, it is acceptable to decant perfume for one’s use and this is covered by the “right of first sale.” Although it may violate trademark and copyright laws to sell decanted perfume without the correct consent from the brand or producer. Before starting any commercial decanting operations, it is crucial to understand the laws in your area. If you do not obey the laws set for this you can be legally sued by the respective owner or company.

Is Decanting Perfume Legal

Best Decanting Techniques:

Now, we know what measures we have to take care of in decanting perfume. So now we will tell you some of the best techniques that are used in decanting perfume. These methods are so convenient and also very handy once understood properly.

By understanding them thoroughly you can decant perfume and also preserve the originality of perfume. So, here is the step-by-step guide for decanting perfume:

1. Spraying Into Another Bottle ( The Classic Method):

Decanting your favorite perfume is a breeze with the “Spray and Save” technique. Start by acquiring an empty travel-sized bottle or a glass vial. 

Hold the original perfume bottle and the empty one close together. Gently press the nozzle of the original bottle, releasing a fine mist of fragrance. Allow the mist to settle into the empty bottle – no need for funnels or pipettes. 

This method is quick and fuss-free, making it perfect for beginners. Remember to keep both bottles upright to prevent spills. Seal the empty bottle, and you’ve successfully decanted your perfume. It’s an effortless way to have your beloved scents in convenient, portable containers for all your adventures.

Spraying into another bottle

2. Using Refillable and Splash Bottles:

Elevate your fragrance game with the “Refill and Splash” decanting method. Embrace eco-friendly and vintage vibes by opting for refillable or splash bottles.

First, find a refillable container or a classic splash bottle with a wide neck. Gently pour your desired perfume into the bottle, using a steady hand to avoid spills. This method offers a tactile and artistic experience, perfect for those who enjoy a more hands-on approach. Seal the bottle securely to preserve the aroma. 

Refillable and splash bottles not only add a touch of elegance to your collection but also reduce waste. With this method, you’re not only decanting perfume; you’re creating an enchanting and sustainable fragrance journey.

Using Refillable and splash bottle

3. Tube Dispenser Method:

Discover the “Tube Dispenser” technique for effortless perfume decanting. Gather a slim, clean tube dispenser – the kind often used for travel toiletries.

 Hold your favorite perfume bottle and the tube dispenser side by side. Place the dispenser’s nozzle against the perfume’s spray nozzle. Gently press the dispenser’s nozzle, allowing the fragrance to flow smoothly into the tube. This method is sleek and mess-free, making it an ideal choice for those on the go.

 Keep both ends upright to prevent leaks. Once filled, seal the tube dispenser for a compact and spill-proof perfume solution. The Tube Dispenser method combines convenience and style, enabling you to enjoy your signature scents wherever life takes you.

Tube Dispenser Method

What is Perfume Decanting Kit?

To ensure a smooth and safe decanting process, investing in a perfume decanting kit is highly recommended. The dissenting kit will keep your perfume safe while you are decanting perfume from all the possible ways of harming perfume. A standard kit typically includes:


Facilitates a spill-free transfer of perfume from the original bottle to the decant container.

Decant Bottles:

Smaller, travel-sized bottles are designed to hold the perfume securely.


Aid in precise measurements when transferring the fragrance.


Helps identify the decanted perfumes for easy reference.

Decant Perfume Price and Availability:

The price of decanting perfume can differ depending on several variables, including the retail price of the scent, the quantity being decanted, and the seller’s judgment. Decanted perfume is typically more economical than buying a complete bottle, making it a desirable choice for fragrance lovers on a budget or those who value variety.


When done properly and sensibly, decanting perfume may be a rewarding experience. You can experience a world of scents without worrying about destroying the aroma or violating any legal restrictions according to the instructions provided in this guide. Don’t forget to put hygiene first, buy dependable decanting gear, and keep your decanted perfumes correctly. Enjoy your decanting!

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