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How to make Perfume stay longer?

How to make perfume stay longer

A captivating scent can leave a lasting impression, attract attention and evoke emotions. A good-smelling perfume beautifies your character. Whether it is your favourite perfume or a refreshing body spray, it is essential to ensure its longevity to enjoy its enchanting scent all day long. Making your perfume or body spray last longer requires a combination of proper application, storage and complementary beauty practices. If perfume is used properly, we can keep the fragrance for a long time. In this comprehensive guide, we show you how to make Perfume stay longer, smell delightful, and long-lasting.

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Steps to make perfume stay longer

Choose the Right Fragrance Concentration:

Before we talk about other tips for long-lasting fragrance, the most important point we should look at is Concentration. Every long-lasting perfume has a high concentration level. Perfume and body sprays have different concentration levels whether perfumes has high and body spray has low. Perfumes that come from the name Parfum, have the highest concentration level (20-30%), making them the most long-lasting fragrance. While Eau de Parfum have also good concentration level (15-20%), Eau de Toilette contain lower (5-15%) and lastly, body spray has the lowest concentration level (1-3%). So, if you want a long-lasting impression you should opt for a higher concentration like Parfum or EDP.

Apply Fragrance to Pulse Points:

It is one of the best ways to use a fragrance in the long term. It is also the best way to wear a fragrance Because Pulse points emit more heat, Which helps the fragrance more active, evaporate and makes last longer. The most considerable point is where to spray perfume and an accurate answer on Pulse points, we can mention areas such as wrists, neck, behind the ears, and the elbow’s bend in pulse points. As you go out, the fragrance comes out from these areas and makes you feel pleasant and delightful.

Apply fragrance to clean and dry skin

To make your perfume or body spray last longer, it should always be applied to clean and dry skin. Because without any residue of perfume lotion, oil or other products, the fragrance of the perfume clings better to the freshly cleansed skin, and last longer. Additionally, if you apply perfume to damp or sweaty skin, the composition of the fragrance may change, resulting in a less attractive scent.

Spray fragrance on clothes:

If you want to increase the fragrance of your perfume even more, then spray it lightly on your clothes, the clothes should not have any kind of fragrance already. To avoid altering the scent of your perfume, however, be careful when applying perfume to delicate fabrics or light-coloured clothing, as some fragrances can stain or discolour. For a safer option, spritz the fragrance on areas of clothing where your skin will not come in contact with the fabric.

Layer the fragrance strategically:

For better longevity, try applying your scents in layers. Start with a scented body wash or shower gel during your bath or shower routine. Use a coordinating scented lotion or body cream to lock in moisture and enhance the scent. Finally, apply your chosen perfume or body spray to the pulse points. Thereby the layering effect helps the scent last longer and ensures a more consistent scent throughout the day.

Store Fragrances Properly:

Proper storage plays a vital role in making your perfume and body spray last longer. Perfume should be stored away from sunlight, heat and humidity because these factors can break down the components of the fragrance. Instead, store your fragrances in a cool, dry place, such as a dresser drawer or a closet away from windows. Additionally, keep the lid tightly closed to prevent evaporation and preserve the freshness of the fragrance. Due to this, the fragrance of perfume can remain intact for a long time.

Consider seasonal adjustments

Fragrances work differently in different seasons due to temperature changes. Odours are more likely to evaporate quickly during different seasons. To make your scent last longer in hot weather conditions, reapply it throughout the day or go for the best summer perfumes that can last you a long time in hot weather. In contrast, during the colder months, the scent often lingers longer due to cooler temperatures. To keep the fragrance in long-lasting terms, you should take perfume according to the season.

Moisturize Before Applying Fragrance:

Dry skin can’t maintain fragrance properly because it absorbs fragrance more quickly, if you don’t want your fragrance gone too quickly then you should use to wear it on moisturized skin. For moisturizing skin, you can go with lotion or oil. Moisturization is the thing that helps to control your fragrance giving you a long-lasting impression and releasing aromas more gradually. In conclusion, more hydrated skin maintains better fragrance, for long-term results.


In this modern era, perfume is a necessary accessory to a human lifestyle. Everyone wants to feel fresh and take up social activities, and perfumes are the best way to express yourself and make you feel comfortable and confident. Many people try to find the perfect perfume for themselves. It is quite difficult to find because there are many brands that have good quality perfume according to different preferences. If you find a perfect one for you then it has a 20-30% probability that your essential one has a long-lasting power. It is not always a perfume fault, it can be you that decreases the power of long-lasting.

We mention some points which can help you to find a long-lasting perfume and we also describe how you can make it long-lasting. So when you buy the best for you according to your preference, take a look at the long-lasting power and make sure to use it at the right place on your body and also consider some facts which were given above to increase the use of fragrance in long term.

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