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How To Get Rid of Perfume Taste in Mouth?

How To Get Rid of Perfume Taste in Mouth

We humans tend to experience things because of our sensory perception. Our senses adapt to what we encounter from time to time. Sensory adaptation is what allows human beings to adjust to their surroundings (stimuli). All senses adapt themselves due to this process. Quite often, the adaptation itself could be confusing. 

Our taste buds can sometimes experience the fragrance of perfume as a result of certain malfunctions. This problem can be irritating since you feel that you have just drunk a bottle of perfume. Is it possible to get rid of such an unfavorable taste? Yes, it is possible. In this blog, we will learn how to get rid of the perfume taste in your mouth which is given below:

Tips To Get Rid of Perfume Taste in Mouth

1. Water

Water is an amazing natural element. It has the potential to dissolve things that do not mix well with other liquids. You can take water in your mouth and spit it several times until the taste of perfume goes away. The residual that seems to be perfume can fade if you put effort into one day. 

In some cases, a single-day attempt of spitting water several times cannot be effective. This may happen if this unusual taste becomes strong. However, that does not mean you have to quit the procedure. Just spit water for one week or two. The more you increase the duration, the more effective this remedy will be. 

2. Clove

In our houses, clove is a very common spice in the kitchen. This spice is rich in manganese, which can be effective in minimizing or eliminating the taste of perfume from your mouth. The taste of clove is strong and refreshing. Hence, people use the clove to change the taste of their mouth.

Clove covers up the taste of the perfume. As per some studies, perfume particles may originate from the stomach after absorption and passage through the bloodstream. The essence of clove can eliminate these harmful particles from our bodies. People must not overuse cloves, as doing so may cause several stomach complications. 

3. Lemon

A viable option to eliminate the taste of perfume is to use lemons. Lemons are acidic and rich in vitamin C. The sour flavor of this fruit can easily reduce the taste of perfume in your mouth. If you are not comfortable squeezing lemons in your mouth, you can add them in water. 

Lemon can make water more effective in diluting harmful perfume particles. Lemon is considered only in moderate quantity. Otherwise, acidity may occur in individuals. 

4. Honey

Almost all of us love the sweet taste of honey. It is known to promote good odors and reduce the bad ones. Even though this sweet substance is generally recommended to kill harmful bacteria in the stomach, its sweetness can overwhelm the taste of the perfume in your mouth. 

For the long use, you can apply honey on your teeth and mouth. People can take honey with or without water as per their preference. Still, it is better to take honey without water. Do not add much excess honey in water, it may cause the risk of diabetes.

5. Mint

Mint is one of the best mouth fresheners that are available easily. Since mint can keep the mouth fresh, it is useful in getting rid of perfume’s taste. Mint is available in the form of chewing gum with a peppermint flavor. You can chew them for a day or two for a moderate effect. 

Mint is not quite effective in eliminating the perfume particles. However, it can act as a mouth freshener when it comes to helping you out in weeding out the perfume taste. For better results, you can mix it with other spices.

6. Cinnamon

The bark from a cinnamon tree can be used to eliminate the taste of the perfume because of its sweet nature. This spice can prove itself to be as effective as cloves. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants. Its anti-oxidation property has the potential to overpower the taste of perfume in the mouth. 

Cinnamon can be taken along with honey, either dissolved in water or without water. Taking this once a day or a few days can help get rid of the odor of perfume in the mouth. It can also help keep the mouth fresh and give a good sense of taste. 

7. Mouth-Rinsing Solution

Germs and bad odor in the mouth can be eliminated with the help of a mouth-rinsing solution. Typically, a mouthwash can be considered as a mixture of glycerin and water. The ingredients in the solution may also include preservatives, humectants, chlorine dioxide, ethanol, antimicrobial and active agents. 

A combination of these can effectively eliminate the taste of perfume from the mouth. Ethanol is known to give the feeling of freshness. It can act as a powerful agent to subdue the taste of perfume. A mouth-rinsing solution having the flavor of mint can be more effective than others. 


In this blog, we have seen the methods people can use to get rid of the flavor of perfume. Most of these are household items that can be found easily. Sensory adaptation may sometimes go wrong and could give rise to unusual tastes. The taste of perfume can be eliminated by these methods. 

Besides getting rid of or reducing the taste of the perfume, you can wipe out bacteria and other harmful particles residing in your stomach. Professional assistance must be sought by people if natural remedies are not working for the reduction of the perfume taste. 

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