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Jesus del Pozo was a renowned and reliable name in the fashion industry was a Spanish fashion designer. He was born in Madrid in 1946. He opened his first fashion store in 1974. In 1976, he presented his first fashion collection of men at the SEHM in Paris, and in 1989, he entered the women’s fashion world and became a popular name around the crowd.

His remarkable work in perfume fashion design and attractive personality gave him a signature name around celebrity and Hollywood. He has created different types of fashionable things like lingerie, Jewelry, and Scarf but he is best known for perfumes like the first feminine fragrance Duende, Halloween, etc, and won several awards throughout his fashion career. Del Pozo passed away in August 2011, establishing a beautiful fashion legacy in Spain’s fashion history.


Q. What are the famous perfumes created by Jesus del Pozo?

In 1992, Jesus del Pozo entered the perfume world with the first women’s fragrance Duende, and then create Halloween, Quasar Aventure, Quasar, J.del Pozo in Black,  Amber, and Halloween Kiss perfume.

Q. Is Jesus del Pozo’s perfume a luxury brand?

Yes, undoubtedly Pozo’s perfume is the most loveable and likable fragrance in the world mostly the heart of women. His first feminine fragrance is Duende and his most popular perfume is Halloween.

Q. What notes are used in Jesus del Pozo’s perfumes?

There are different types of notes in different perfumes but mainly used ingredients are Lemon blossom, Bamboo leaf, Bergamot, Egyptian jasmine, Rose, Orange blossom, Freesia, Almond blossom, Magnolia, Orchid, Musk, Powdery, and Iris.

Q. What qualities make Pozo’s perfumes different from other perfumes?

Its natural floral ingredients fragrance makes it lovable to perfume lovers. The fusion of top notes of bergamot, and orange with a mixture of middle notes of rose, and jasmine makes its pleasant and base notes of musk making it an impressive fragrance.