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10 Best ‘Attars’ For Men

10 Best ‘Attars’ For Men

Perfumery is evolving as years pass by. ‘Attars’, also known as perfumes, are designed using naturally-available ingredients. There are synthetic perfumes that are made of chemicals, while natural perfumes are made from organic chemicals and compounds. Natural perfumes are generally considered safer in many aspects. 

One of the best natural perfumes is characterized as ‘attar’. Attar is a natural essential oil that is used in perfumes mainly for its fragrance. Different brands of attars are available for men and women. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 best attars for men. Let us get started now. 

Top 10 Best-Selling Attars or Perfumes in the USA for Men 

Below is the list of popularly used 10 Best ‘Attars’ For Men in the USA. 

1. Arochem ARO Pds

Arochem ARO Pds is an attar for men that is themed as Eau de Toilette. One of the best features of Arochem ARO PDs is that it is free from alcohol. The floral fragrance of this attar makes it stand out from the group of other attars. It is a long-lasting attar. Hence, you do not have to worry about not smelling good on occasion. 

The two important notes of Arochem are white wood and sandalwood. Men experience confidence every time they wear this scent since it is designed to give the best shot of aroma. 

2. Al-Rehab Silver

Al-Rehab is a brand that is getting popular among men in the USA because of its Silver perfume, and this attar is made by using fragrance oil of high quality. The important fragrance notes of Al-Rehab Silver perfume are Incense, musk, Oud, rose, taif, and sandalwood. 

Some exotic spices are also included in this perfume. This attar comes in a solid silver-colored bottle. It is an affordable attar that can be used by men in the USA. 

3. Solitaire 

A premium attar that is available for men in the USA is Solitaire. It is a fragrance product from the Hijab Al-Haramain brand. The fragrance of Solitaire is woody as well as masculine. This attar is known for its persistence when it comes to fragrance. The product is non-alcoholic. 

Men can experience a unique elegance as well as a style after wearing the Solitaire attar for any given event. The metallic bottle of Solitaire looks nice. 

4. Attar Al Wesal

Attar Al Wesal is an attar that comes from the Al Wataniah brand, and it is popular among American men because of its long-lasting fragrance. The important notes of this product are mint, lemon, pear, lavender, clary sage, cinnamon, caraway, amber, cedar, patchouli, and black vanilla husk. 

It is a perfume that is known to give a sense of belonging to family members or close ones. The customer satisfaction gained toward using this attar is increasing with time. 


A premium attar that is available for men is GOLDEN SAND. This attar comes in a 6 ml bottle and is free from alcohol. Men can comfortably anoint the GOLDEN SAND attar because it is available as roll-on vials. It is a long-lasting perfume for men. 

Males who prefer the aroma of Oud musk can use this perfume for any occasion. GOLDEN SAND is not a perfume with an overpowering aroma. 

6. DK White Oud Attar

DK White Oud Attar is an attar preferred by men who want the essence of white oud in their fragrance. It is truly a masculine perfume. This attar is available in a stylish 12 ml white bottle. Men can purchase DK White Oud Attar for their everyday use. 

Confidence in men comes naturally after wearing this attire. It is a genuine product that men can use over ordinary attars. 

7. Crystal Love

It is an attar from the Attar Collection brand. Crystal Love is available in the form of aerosol and not liquid. This attar represents the dreams of exploring the genuine depths of a masculine heart that has intense feelings and sincerity. Crystal Love is a richly blended attar. 

With its fruity and leathery fragrance, this Attar stands out from the crowd of other attars. The per-bottle volume of this item is 100 ml. 

8. Agadir

Maison d’Orient manufactures Agadir attar in a 12 ml bottle. This attar is in a liquid form. Agadir comes with its sweet and masculine aroma. The important notes of the Agadir scent are lavender and Amalfi lemon. Both these notes are known to complement one another. It is a good item for men who prefer nightlife and other such occasions. 

The fragrance oil of this product is completely pure and free from alcohol. Agadir is an easy-to-store product. 

9. Ruh Khush

A greenish grass that contains minerals and vitamins is Ruh Khush. This attar is known for reducing the sense of fear and anxiety in men through its healing aroma. Ruh Khush is an attar that is available in the form of perfumed oil. It is a long-lasting attar that is affordable for men in the USA. 

Ruh Khush is made of other natural ingredients, apart from Ruh Khush itself. Also, Weeds found in rivers are used during the manufacturing process. 

10. American Oud

Parag Fragrances brings a great attar for American men, the American Oud. It has a long-lasting effectiveness that is estimated to be around a whole day. The attractive packaging of the American Oud attar also makes it a perfect item to gift to your loved ones. 

American Oud consists of Aroma Crystals, Aroma Molecules, and essential oils. It is a quality-controlled item. 


In this blog, we have explored the top 10 Best ‘Attars’ For Men. The brands listed above are getting more and more viral among others. Almost all of these products are made with 100% natural ingredients. However, some of the attars may have a small portion of synthetic components. 

Carefulness is necessary when using these attars. Avoid using attars if you are allergic to their smell. Do not use the one that has an overpowering smell if you prefer a mild one. Many may be out of your budget. Eventually, choose the best possible one. 

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