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How To Find The Right Perfume For Your Body Chemistry

How to find the right perfume for your body chemistry

Only dressing up with good clothes, and shoes and wearing make-up are not only part of your grooming. It is important to feel confident both from inside and outside. Perfume is not only used to remove body odor, however, but it also shows your personality, style, and attitude. It can freshen up a mood and show a long-lasting impression.

The chemistry between the body and choosing the right perfume is different in aspects of every individual. Everybody has different skin and perfume has a distinctive effect on each person’s body. The fragrance is the most intimate among all beauty products and signature perfume can enhance mood, and elicit memory and emotions.

In this blog, you will learn how to How To Find The Right Perfume For Your Body Chemistry and what factors play a vital role in enhancing the essence of scent’s fragrance on your body.

What Perfume Comprises?

Before choosing any perfume you have to know first What is perfume made of?

Perfume is a combination of natural and synthetic compounds which are blended in such a way as to create a harmonized unique profile. Firstly, you should know what perfume comprises, these are given below:-

Different Notes: 

These notes are descriptors or different layers of scent that give an essence of the perfume during the application. There are 3 types of notes which are categorized on the basis of their effectiveness, which are as follows:-

Top Notes :

In this, molecules are light, so they evaporate fast. They smell like berries, herbs, citrus, etc. After applying the perfume, it will emit the smell instantly.

Middle Notes:

It is also known as heart notes of scent, it emerges when top notes disappear. It can be fruity, spicy and floral.

Base Notes:

Base notes are also called soul notes, which act as fixatives to hold the strength of top heart notes. It gives depth to the perfume and lasts for half an hour.

Fragrance Family

There are 4 families of fragrances such as woody, fresh, floral, and oriental.

Different Forms of Perfume:

The different forms of fragrance depend on the concentration of oils. Such as with high concentration (15-40%) of oils are called Parfum. Low concentrations (10-20%) are Eau de parfum and with 4-15% concentration of oil is called Eau de toilette.

Does Chemistry of the Body Get Affected By Perfume?

Yes, the fragrance of perfume or scent affects your body chemistry. The chemistry between perfume and the body plays an important role. So, you have to know as well where to spray perfume in your body that will give its essence depending on your body’s chemistry. The influence of scent on one’s body will react differently after wearing perfume because it smells differently for every individual.

How To Find The Right Perfume For Your Body Chemistry?

It is challenging to choose the best fragrance according to the chemistry of your body as there are varieties of perfumes available in the market. To find the best suitable scent that can harmonize with your body chemistry depends on these factors:-

Role of a Balanced Diet:

You will not believe it, however, a balanced diet can affect the fragrance of perfume on a person’s body. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian people smell differently. An individual who prefers spicy meals has a strong smell, whereas those who are under medication for a long time can affect their body chemistry, which will affect their body’s aroma.

Types of Skin:

Everyone has different skin types, such as dry and oily. Before choosing the right perfume, you should know about your type of skin.

Dry Skin:

This type of skin has a low moisturizing level, which makes it dry and rough. When a perfume is applied on such skin, its fragrance will evaporate quickly and, it will not stay for long hours. Due to the roughness of the skin, it becomes very difficult to hold the fragrant molecules to retain their essence.

So, it is recommended to apply some oily lotion or Vaseline before spraying your signature perfume. It will help to retain its fragrance for a long time or long-lasting.

Oily Skin:

People with oily skin have a high content of oil. There is no need to apply any oil or vaseline. Oily skin becomes an ideal skin to retain perfume fragrance for a long time. You should sprinkle some perfume over your skin and leave it for 20 minutes and if you find a pleasant smell then this can be a good choice for your skin.

pH of Skin:

The pH of the skin is also considered an important factor because it also affects the aroma of perfume. The pH of the skin shows acidic and basic levels of your skin. Its level is from 4.7 – 5.75, if your skin level is less than this value then it means you have acidic skin. 

It becomes very hard to hold the fragrance to get absorbed into the skin. Moisturise your skin with cream or oil, so, it will give the best aroma of perfume.

Temperature of Skin:

The temperature of the body depends on the weather as well as on your mood, which may raise the temperature of your body. When an individual is in a rush or gets angry, then the body emits more heat.

When we apply perfumes on the main pulse points of our body such as wrists, back of knee, elbow, back of ear, and temple, will make the essence of perfume’s fragrance last longer.


In body chemistry, sweating is an important factor. The people who live in cold places have less sweat, such as Asian people sweat less. Those who are in hot or warmer places experience more perspiration (sweating). 

Perfumes with the scent of grass and orange get mixed well with sweat and such perfume subsides sweat and only gives its essence. When aromatic perfumes are applied on sweaty skin, the perfume gets mixed with it and results in a reaction. 

This reaction may depend on the ingredients used in perfume, their brands, and body chemistry. Perfume stays long-lasting in people who are engaged in fieldwork as compared to those who travel less.

Impact of Pheromones:

Pheromones also play a crucial role and show how impactfully fragrance smells on a person’s body. These are released by the body’s sweat in the neck and other erogenous areas. Every individual has a distinct smell due to pheromones. Perfume can give a good smell to one person but not necessarily the same for other people, however, in research, still it is debatable.


Every person has a distinct and unique body chemistry, so fragrance works differently on each person’s body. If a branded perfume is applied and it does not go well with a person’s body chemistry, then it will not give a good and appealing smell.

While choosing the best perfume according to your choice is quite difficult, you have to be very careful about it. It is very important to find out the right perfume for yourself. There are different notes mentioned that interact differently in a person’s body, so find perfume according to the choice of notes such as floral, woody, etc.

From this blog, now you have learned how you can choose the right perfume according to your body chemistry by keeping all the points in mind that are mentioned above.

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